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Refurbished is the new black

Refurbished IT equipment — beneficial and reliable solution


For your task
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Any server or storage you can configure according to your demands in our configurator or by consulting with an expert

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What you need
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We work in all EU and EAEU countries. Our experience enables us to set new standards not only for quality of refurbished equipment, but also for quality of service: we will assist in selection of equipment, deliver it and make post sales support.

Every company has its own story
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Refurbished equipment — the current trend in the world. Apple, Sony etc. are engaged in the sale of restored equipment.


during one hour

Usually in 20-30 minutes. We are fast.


Free shipping
across Russia and EU countries

And also very fast. We deliver the server to any city.


30 days

You can return any equipment within 30 days without explaining the reason. And we will refund the money. No pique :)



In the case of a warranty event, we will promptly repair or replace the failed equipment. Onsite. For free. For 5 years.



Our warehouse in Vilnius allows you to quickly ship equipment across Europe.


We don't abandon
our customers

We provide after-sales consultation in an unlimited amount. Our technical specialists will help you to solve all the arising questions.


5 years onsite

A huge warranty for the refurbished equipment? Do you think we’re crazy? No. We are confident in the results of our diagnostics and testing of our equipment. And if something goes wrong: we will fix it. For free.

Our features
Complete testing
If needed to be sure of the equipment we are providing with a warranty. That’s why all our equipment (even new ones) undergoes complete diagnostics, testing and replacement of components
Our features
Extreme testing
We load our equipment at full capacity with various utilities and software. Rest assured, the servers will work very long.
Our features
The components work at full capacity and are tested for several days. All the controversial elements in the system are replaced with new ones.
Our features
Full testing of even new equipment
Our regulations imply the same testing of both used equipment and new ones. By the way, we also give a guarantee to new servers, in addition to the official one.

We offer a huge selection of servers for a variety of tasks. All you need from IT equipment — we have.

Central office in EU, Lithuania, Vilnius

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Conditions, which are available for all

We are searching for partners all across EU and EAEU. For that reason was created partnership program for it companies. This industry requires big resources, that’s why we are interested in loyal clients and we are ready to offer special conditions of partnership : dynamic discount system as for new equipment as well as for refurbished. We can support with any questions from you and your clients with many conditions of payment. Are you working in outsource, with video surveillance systems or program developer, we can offer good solutions. For receiving partnership program make a request for it.

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